Newsletter for Frontier Lighting - Fall 2010

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Frontier Lighting is your one stop source for LED lighting!

It seems like a new LED product is being introduced daily. LED is short for "Light Emitting Diode" although it could also be short for "latest enhanced design" from the flurry of new and improved LED lighting products. Some are quality products well designed, and others look like a scary fire hazard. With all the questions surrounding product life spans, useful light output, color temperature, and beam spread, it takes some effort to investigate what you are actually buying and if it is the right lighting solution for your needs. Some LED products have been certified through the Energy Star's testing program which involves a third party testing laboratory to check the assembler's claims of life, color, lumen output, etc. This testing known as LM79 and LM80 are similar to the miles per gallon (MPG) rating on cars. This allows the buyers of these products to compare them on a level playing field. However, some LED assemblers have not gone through the Energy Star testing and can make virtually any claims on their LED products, because there is no standard testing method for them to follow. Frontier Lighting is an Energy Star Partner and would be glad to provide you with a 20 page guide that outlines the requirements for meeting the Energy Star testing requirements. LED bulbs and fixtures are making continued improvements in the life and color temperature of these products and they are becoming suitable for more applications. While the LED bulbs are making steady improvements, they are not the best lighting source for every application. There are many considerations of location, the amount of light needed, lamp life expectations, and ambient temperature. While LED lamps have a good life span at 30,000 - 50,000 hours average rated life, the latest generation of energy efficient fluorescent lamps available from Osram Sylvania and are rated at 40,000 hours average life with 96% lumens at 40% of the rated life for a fraction of the cost of converting to LED's. Frontier Lighting is an authorized and stocking distributor for hundreds of the leading brands of lighting. We stock LED, fluorescent, incandescent, HID, cold cathode, and induction lighting, and can provide an objective analysis of your lighting needs and provide you with cost effective solutions and the proper products to help you meet your goals for your facility. While energy savings is a goal of all business and facilities, a realistic return on investment needs to be balanced with the retrofitting of any new lighting projects. With our extensive experience working with interior and exterior lighting, since 1987 and our broad range of products, Frontier Lighting can provide you with anything from replacement sockets and globes or LED bulbs to a complete turn-key lighting solution including new fixture installation and labor through our network of licensed electrical and general contractors. Frontier Lighting is your one stop source for LED Lighting. Call today to get started.


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