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How To Stop An
Auto Thief
The Green Facts of Lighting
1. Park in a well-lighted area.
2. Put packages or valuables out of sight. Tempting a thief increases the chance of a break-in.
3. Park with front tires turned sharply and use emergency brake. The car will be difficult to tow.
4. Turn on any anti-theft devices you have.
5. Close all windows. Lock all doors.
6. If you park in a commercial lot or garage, leave only your ignition key with the attendant. Make sure your key has no number on it.
7. Keep your license and registration in your wallet or purse. Thieves can use these documents to sell your car.

Man breaking into a car.
Bag of Energy Star Lighting
ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs are available in sizes and shapes to fit in almost any fixture.
Innovation and continuous improvement in the field of lighting have given rise to tremendous energy-saving opportunities. Lighting is an area in which there is enormous energy-efficient potential, starting at the design stage by incorporating modern energy-efficient lamps and luminaries. Following responsible operational practices also can significantly reduce associated energy costs.

Lighting is not only a very high priority when considering condo retrofitting, but also is a high-return, low-risk investment. By installing new lighting technologies such as dimmers, photo sensors, occupancy sensor, and timers, condos can reduce the amount of electricity consumed and energy costs associated with lighting.

There are several types of energy efficient lighting and affordable lighting technology: compact fluorescents lights, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and lighting controls.

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Did You Know?

• Who says copying isn’t a form of flattery?...
Once an innovative new product hits the shelves, it reportedly will be copied from 150 to 300 times with similar products.

• The electric light bulb got its present shape because Thomas Edison accidently dropped a screwdriver on an early light, knocking it out of its original shape and causing it to burn more brightly with increased power.

• The Venetians began selling books by catalog in the 1500’s.

• The final Seinfeld show was projected on the side of a seven-story building in St. Louis.

• Herbert Hoover was the first U.S. President to have a telephone on his desk. Prior to 1929, the President used a telephone booth outside his office.

Old Phone

Below are a few examples of energy-saving opportunities with efficient lighting:

• Installation of energy-efficient fluorescent lamps in place of conventional fluorescent lamps – for example: replacing T12 lamps with T8 or T5 lamps.

• Installation of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in place of incandescent lamps.

• Installation of high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps for applications where color rendering is not critical. Metal halide lamps should also be considered when correct color is important.

• Installation of LED exit signs to replace incandescents.

• Installation of high frequency (HF) electronic ballasts in place of conventional ballasts.

• Installation of occupancy sensors, an inexpensive way to ensure that unused lights do not remain on.
• Installation of microprocessor-based controllers.

• Installation of photocells, devices that automatically detect the natural light level in a room and adjust the intensity of the artificial light accordingly.

• Replacing incandescent wall lights and exit sign lighting with CFL or LED-lit units will not only save a considerable amount of energy, it also will significantly reduce labor costs associated with changing light bulbs, since CFLs and LEDs last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

• If the HVAC system is being upgraded or replaced, the lighting system, too, should be reviewed and the loads attributed to lighting recalculated. When the air conditioning system is optimized, the air conditioning loads will be calculated based on existing lighting systems. If a condo plans to upgrade the lighting, it is best to do so at the time of the HVAC retrofit since the lighting and HVAC systems have a large effect on each other

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"Customer Service"
Mary writes to Hanover Lantern

    It is always nice when we bring happiness to others by doing the little things. This is a good example of what Hanover Lantern is about and why our customers put Hanover at the top of the list of best company to deal with.
WATTS NEWS article about "Mary writes to Hanover Lantern".    A couple of weeks ago Judy Green, Customer Service Manager, received a phone call from Murray at Frontier Lighting in Florida. He asked if Hanover could take pictures of his customer’s order going through the factory. Judy said sure, so she got with Sharon Reese and Steve Stausbaugh. They followed the product through the factory taking shots of the different processes. Not thinking much of it, Judy sent the pictures off to Frontier Lighting. A couple of days later we received this letter from Mary Dolatowski in the mail. I know we all take things for granted sometimes, or do not understand why, but I think we all agree at the end of the day it is the little things that mean the most. Great job to All!

(Right: Murray with Mary and her fixture in WATTS NEWS.
Below: A copy of the letter that Mary sent Hanover Lantern.)

Letter that Mary sent Hanover Lantern. PART1Letter that Mary sent Hanover Lantern. PART2
Click for full letter in pdf format.

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The Facts of Light

Light Saving, Sight Saving, Energy Saving

The Impact of EPAct 2005

Efficiency Standards for Lighting Products!

There are provisions in EPAct 2005 that specifically impact lighting products. The bill sets new efficiency standards as follows:

     New efficiency requirements for fluorescent electromagnetic T12 lamp/ballast systems that operate, 2-foot U-bent lamps, 48” Rapid Start, 96” Instant Start and High Output fluorescent lamps went into effect January 1, 2009.
The Impact of EPAct 2005      On that date, manufacturing of electromagnetic ballasts for use in new fixtures ceased. Electromagnetic ballasts for use in new fixtures may not be sold after October 1, 2009. Electromagnetic replacement ballasts can be sold up until July 1, 2010, but must be labeled “For Replacement Only” and may not exceed 10 pieces per package. Exempt from these requirements are ballasts designed to dim to 50% or less of the maximum light output, ballasts designed for use with 2 F96T12/HO lamps at ambient temperatures of 20°F or less and for use in outdoor signs, and ballasts of less than 0.9 power factor designed and labeled “For Residential Use Only”.

Osram Sylvania Authorized DistributorOsram Sylvania LightingContact Frontier Lighting today for a free energy analysis to see how retrofitting can save you money!

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